Thoughts on Senioritis

It’s really tough being a Senior. We know that generally people with higher degrees earn more money over their lifetime. That’s just a fact. It doesn’t mean everyone can and should go to a university. Also, we know that minimum wage is just not enough these days. It seems, even double the minimum wage is not enough. However, we all know people who are successful without having gone to, or completed, any sort of schooling after college.  However, apart from  a bachelor’s degree and nothing, there are associate’s degrees or a whole lot of options in various trades.

“Three Is Greater Than Four” A Poem by Jacob Slagle

We all live our lives

constantly moving,

call it a stride.

Whether we live for each other,

or try to fill our pride.

Closed off to the world,

so deep in despair.

Makes me want to hurl

but one hope still remains.

It can cleanse your soul,

wipe away your pain.

Even through the deepest darkness

this one love still remains.

It’s not just one man, soul, or spirit.

But it’s quite contagious,

if you dare come near it.

He’s called the great

I am,

and you’re about to hear it.

Stay tuned for more poems.