Thoughts on the Class

Believe it or not, I DO think a lot about the class as a learning experience for the kids.

Sometimes we fail in that aspect, other times we have huge wins. This class, like none other, requires that the student be motivated to learn. Along with motivation, he or she must take ownership of the results.

Cole Crabtree is a good example. He is our chief gaffer, or light guy. He makes sure the lighting is right in the studio. I never assigned him the job. He just watched me and figured it out. We had a good talk yesterday about lighting. Lighting is an incredibly complex subject. Currently, I’m making an instructional video about it for the Multi 2 class.

Without knowing the terminology, he’s figured out Three-Point Lighting. He uses a key light, fill and back lighting correctly. He also has mastered diffused lighting, bounced lighting and reflected lighting to create both definition and softness appropriately in the subjects’ faces. Once again, up until yesterday, he’d never heard the terminology. However, he’d watched and learned something that he was interested in.

In the past, I have taught lighting. However, Cole is the first one to actually put the knowledge to use. Of course, the learning was a bit messy. He had some ups and downs. Now, though, he’s my gaffer.

I’m not saying everyone is learning huge amounts about a specific craft in the Broadcast class. Sometimes, we have to wait until the student finds a passion. Also, there are down times. After all, they are teenagers. When I get discouraged, I think about the kids who rarely have success in school, yet are actively involved in the broadcast class.